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Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Competing for Talent in Private Industry

Labor Market Dynamics

In an era of free-market enterprise, the competition faced by businesses in private industry has increased substantially. The emphasis on attracting, retaining and motivating key executives has gained paramount importance in many cases, defining the success of an organization.

In light of this highly competitive business environment, both business owners as well as executives are faced with many problems.

Common Concerns of the Business Owner

  • Retention of valued executives
  • Attraction of talented executives
  • Avoid distribution of stock as compensation
  • Pay for performance
  • Substantial reinvestment of profits in the business
  • Control compensation costs

“A highly-competitive business environment raises issues for both business owners in private industry as well as their key executives”

Common concerns of the Executive

  • A financially secure retirement
  • An equity participation in the company
  • Career growth and stability

How do owners of private companies deal with the enticement of stock options, stock appreciation rights and similar equity oriented compensation tools offered by publicly traded competitors?


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