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Business Owner Planning

Business Owner Planning

If you are a business owner, we can help you to decide whether to keep or sell your interest at death, disability or retirement. Whatever your decision, we can assist you in retaining its value for you and your family. Furthermore, we will evaluate the tax consequences of your options and help you reduce their impact at the time of transfer. 

Corporate Retirement Plans

Corporate Retirement Plans

Our firm specializes in design review, implementation and servicing of corporate retirement plans for small to mid-sized privately owned businesses. The essential services we provide are plan design review, investment platform selection and the education of your employees.

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Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

In an era of free-market enterprise, the competition faced by businesses in private industry has increased substantially. The emphasis on attracting, retaining and motivating key executives has gained paramount importance. Let us show you how Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans can act as a tool for retention as well as deferring income taxes.  

Buy/Sell Agreements:&#160;<br />Plan Today to Protect the Future of Your Business and Family

Buy/Sell Agreements: 
Plan Today to Protect the Future of Your Business and Family

As a business owner, a well executed buy-sell agreement is imperative to ensuring your business transitions as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Taking into consideration that triggering events aren't always planned for, it's important an agreement is in place from the outset, not something that's haphazardly put together while the transition is underway. Learn more about the vast benefits of buy-sell agreements and how we can help pave the way for an orderly transfer of your business.

The Basics of Buy-Sell Planning

You May Need to Make Estimated Tax Payments If&#8230;

You May Need to Make Estimated Tax Payments If…

Have income that isn’t subject to tax withholding? Or insufficient withholdings? You may have to pay estimated taxes.

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